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Getjetlagged recently visit to Accra. We’ve picked out four unique spots that offer a diverse
range of activities. Where you can chill, shop, eat, work and even check out some exhibitions.
Ghana is one of my favourite places to travel to.  Every time I’m surprised with discovery new spots.
Below I’ve given you my latest four to give you some nice ideas for your next visit!




It’s a unique shop that showcases indigenous commerce. Ghanaian fashion, handmade
furniture, local brands, local games, shea butter and spices just to name a few are all on offer.
It’s a relaxing spot to hang out and chill and enjoying their homemade smoothies, freshly
squeezed juices and local snacks.
And make sure you check out the amazing Garden filled with some real cool exotic

– Do you remember the game called Oware? –

Have you been to James town before? It’s one of the oldest districts in Accra. James Town is
where the Chalewote festival takes over ever year. With the festival being a must for the
adventurous traveller.
Jamestown Cafe is a hub where Accra’s creatives meet.  it’s a social hotspot place and where
exhibitions take place. A mixture of Ghanian culture, music and art together in one place. Sit
in within the historical decor and get served with a delicious range of fresh seafood. It makes
nice cool place to relax after sightseeing in Jamestown.


This is one of my favourites! The attention to detail in Coco Lounge’s interior is amazing. The
décor transports you to a 1970s interior vibe with a contemporary twist. This attention to detail
continues through into the food. It’s a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just
drinks. The cocktails are amazing! My favorites being Coco Feeling: coco lounges signature
cocktail or the Rum & Passion fruit that gives you that tropical vibe.


Are you looking for a inspiring place to work and network with entrepreneurs and creatives?
Kukun is the place to be! On the ground floor they have a Cafe, and on the top floor they have co-working spaces and serviced offices. I loved the decor in the cafe. It’s a place where I could definitely get lost in my work all day!

I hope you loved my reccomendations, let me know in the comments if you visited any of them.

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  • Jillian Martin

    Thanks for all of these – they look amazing! Do you know much about the owners of each place: are they Ghanaian and we’re rhey raised in Ghana?

  • Keshia Danso

    Hi Jillian Martin,

    I’m glad you loved the post. I don’t know about all, I know Jamestown Cafe owner is Ghanaian and Accrashop too.



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