10 mrt 2018by Keshia Danso



I am writing this piece as ‘’the model’’, not the photographer. It’s quite new to me to stand in front of the lens since I have become comfortable with standing behind it for as long as I can remember. Therefore the choice to be the model instead was so awkward. Weird right? I love to give instructions to help models get their best look and best shot. Yet now it was up to me to take instructions; in some way I got to feel how it is to be in their shoes. It was my first time meeting up with the photographer who I wanted to work with for ages. Luckily we got along very quick. So why the awkwardness? Well, I am very good in posing for a Instagram picture; you know how it goes, pretend like u see something funny, laugh, look away, one feet up and pose. Easy right (it might take us 50 shots to get the right one, but ok!)? It didn’t feel the same though, it felt more as a professional task to accomplish. Having a big ass lens staring at me made me wonder ”do I look akward?” I noticed how I was asking the photographer all sort of questions to figure out if it was okay; do I look good? Should I change position? In all honesty I was being that annoying model who talks too much during the shoot lol. After a while I thought you know what?! Just be extra, pose, smile, look serious, try everything out and who knows the pictures will come out dope! I mean my outfit was picture ready, my hair was shining through the golden sun. And I have a bomb ass photographer in front of me! What can go wrong?
Pictures by 7thcediwitness


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  • Sandy Jo

    I can imagine how u must feel to receive instructions from the other end! Sometimes is good to experience things from a different angle, beautiful pictures xx


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